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Have you ever noticed some magical tunes running in the background of the vocals in POTF songs? Well, of course, you had. One of the reasons for the Poets of the fall’s fame is Olli Tukiainen. Whether it be an intro or some mystical melody in between, Olli is capable of producing the best guitar chords.

Who is Olli Tukiainen?

Olli Tukiainen is a famous guitarist who is a leading band member of Poets of the fall. He was among the founders of POTF. As a permanent part of the Finnish band, Olli has some of the best solos to date. He started working with Marko Saaresto even before the origin of Poets of the fall and joined the band in 2002. After that, he has gained a lot of popularity among the people who like Rock or alternative Rock guitar music.

Personal Life

Very little is known to date about Olli Tukiainen. Born on April 8, 1977, he studied the Pop/Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki, Finland. He enjoys performing in front of big crowds of Europeans and has been a part of the POTF band’s visit to other Asian countries, including India. 

Olli Tukiainen hasn’t announced his spouse yet; He seems to be single for now. He is very active on his Instagram account.

Olli Tukiainen’s Career

Before even joining Poets of the fall, Olli was a songwriting enthusiast. He made songs for the playground (band of Marko Saaresto) and Soon after that, they joined with Markus Kaarlonen to lay down the foundation of Poets. Since then, he has produced some beautiful masterpieces by his fingers.

His melodies are known worldwide. Some guitarists’ play tunes are too good that people can enjoy it alone without vocals and Olli is one of them. He has recently been working in Alexander Theatre Sessions.

Olli has also acted in many music videos of Poets of the fall with Marko and Markus, including War, False Kings, Daze and Dark Disquiet.

Olli Tukiainen Guitars

He used to work on Ibanez JEM77BRMR, but recently, he has shifted to Ibanez UV777BK Steve Vai Signature.


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