Infancy: A First Word


Infancy: A First Word

what does infancy mean?

Infancy is a stage of human life in which we all learn to grow up, a newborn baby has not just remained a newbie in this world. He or she has just begun to sail and rudder her or his boat of life. Actually the period of early childhood from birth is called the stage of infancy.

I would discuss the two most important parts of an infant stage of human life. Many articles and people quote different stages within early childhood like first stage is newborn from birth to 2 months, second stage is infant from 2 months to 2 years and the third stage is Toddler from 2 years to 4 years.

The two most meaningful things happens in infancy

    1. A First Word

A baby learns to say smaller words for the first time in his or her mother tongue by observing his or her mother talk. At the first instance, a baby mumbles the words and try to say them clearly. This moment is the most precious moments for the parents.

Before that a baby learns the language of gestures and expressions. This moment is most precious for a mother as she has spent most of the time with a baby. She was waiting for this day since her baby caught her fingers for the first time.

    2. A First Step

This is the second most precious moment for parents. When a baby put a very first step without a crawler. Before that they were seeing their baby crawling in the crawler learning to walk by himself or herself. The first step remains the most memorable day for parents.

They can forget his or her name (just kidding) but they can’t forget the day their baby walk for the first time. Usually it happens like baby playing randomly with the toys and a mother is busy in household work suddenly she sees that her baby walks fort the first time and then fell on the ground after some time.

Conclusion Of Infancy: A First Word

These are the two most prominent events in the stage of infancy which has its own place. A baby is now able to talk a bit (mostly), a baby is able to walk a bit. It feels like a sun is preparing himself to shine on the sunrise but this is the beginning I think where we as a human, made our first step of becoming independent.

Although it is a long journey to go to become fully independent but this is a small step somehow. This baby has to learn a lot of new things of life and it will keep learning till his or her grave because no one is perfect and we all do make mistakes. it will never stops …

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