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According to Experts, Deep Tissue Massage was first introduced by the Egyptians who used it as a handy technique to reduce chronic pain and muscle injuries. In the recent era, it became famous and trendy since the 19th century when the people gave attention to this excellent massage technique. We will discuss the Deep Tissue Massage benefits in detail

But first lets take a look at what is deep tissue massage.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

As the name implies, Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy for the inner muscles and fascia reaching them by putting deeper pressure of forearms with firm strokes. The therapist applies a sustained pressure, slowly targeting your internal tissues to relieve strain and other muscle injuries. This technique helps to break scar tissues (usually formed after an injury) to give you a relaxed feeling in your body.

Deep Tissue Massage vs Swedish Massage

You may call it a fast healer like Swedish massage for many types of back pains, inflammations, and muscle stiffness. But it involves deeper pressure to reduce chronic muscle tension and sports-related injuries vs Swedish Massage. Swedish massage mainly focuses on reducing muscle stress due to daily life activities. 

What are the Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage benefits will help you heal both physically and psychologically. This massage technique mainly focuses on removing chronic pain and healing injuries, unlike other massage types that are just for relaxation. 

There are numerous benefits of Deep Tissue Massage that are as follows.

Chronic Back Pain Treatment

According to a study published in Studies in Health Technology and Informatics conducted for the comparison of Deep Tissue Back Massage with Therapeutic Massage, it resulted in that the Deep Tissue Massage was much effective and significantly cured the pain earlier than the Therapeutic massage. 

Lowering the High Blood Pressure

It is an essential benefit as a vast number of the world’s population is a patient of high blood pressure and do not have the know how to provide relaxation to their bodies. Deep Tissue Massage is highly beneficial for them. It does not only reduces the blood pressure level but also lowers your heartbeat rate significantly. 

Reducing Muscle Tension and Anxiety

You might face muscle tension due to excessive workout or even by just dealing with your daily life activities. It can increase your anxiety and make your mood worse. Deep Tissue Massage therapy helps in releasing happy hormones ‘serotonin’ and ‘oxytocin,’ which provide you a relaxation to reduce mental stress.

Improving Athletic Performance

Some people call it “Sports massage” due to its significant importance in helping athletes to recover. After the massage, the person’s body will feel the warmth that will protect him or her from future injuries. Nowadays, it is the number one choice of massage for athletes due to its proven results in improving their workability.

Reducing Shoulder and Neck Pain

It is one of the most important in Deep Tissue Massage benefits.  Many people experience shoulder and neck pain due to working hours and hours on a computer. But how do they get rid of it? Well, Deep Tissue Massage is the solution for it. A session of 50 to 60 minutes provides short term relief in shoulder and back pain and you will able to get back to work with your full potential after that. 


So, if you’re engaged in physical activities and want a solution for your stress relief, go for Deep Tissue Massage. Just contact your nearest Massage therapist and book an appointment today!

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  1. It’s interesting that you made an article about the benefits of deep tissue massage. My sister has been complaining about her chronic lower back pain, which started from what she thought is a simple symptom of menstruation, but then again it continues even after her period is done. It’s great to know that aside from concrete back pain, it is proven to reduce mental stress.

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