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Losing weight has been the biggest concern nowadays. Due to the rapid growth in the consumption of fatty foods full of cholesterol . Another top reason behind the rapid growth of obesity is the high consumption of calories. According to the new study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, some healthy milkshakes help in weight loss. As the Person feels full between breakfast and a lunch. Resulting in a low intake of calories throughout the day.

New Study

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted the study on 15 people. They gave each of them thick and thin milkshakes in varying number of calories. 15 people drank milkshakes after breakfast. According to the results of the study, People who have drunk thicker milkshakes around 100 calories felt full for a longer period. And those which have drunk thinner milkshakes after a breakfast felt empty soon.

I’m quoting the Result Statement of the study, the author said

“Our results show that increasing the viscosity is less effective than increasing the energy density in slowing gastric emptying. However, the viscosity is more important to increase the perceived fullness. These results underscore the lack of the satiating efficiency of empty calories in quickly ingested drinks such as sodas”

Healthy Milkshakes

Following are the top healthy milkshakes helps in weight loss

1. Cake Batter Milkshakes

As the name says “cake batter” milkshakes. It means that the milkshakes should be made in the way the cake batter is made. Which obviously increases the viscosity (thickness) of the milkshakes. And as we have previously discussed the study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Thick milkshakes help in reducing weight loss due to the fullness of the stomach and deficiency of caloric consumption in a diet. It is made with Greek yogurt full of protein.

2. Cherry Milkshakes

Cherry milkshakes are sweet and yummy in nature. Which makes it ideal in losing weight as cherries are full of vitamins, iron and protein. It can be made with regular milk. But if you want to have control over your protein. You can use low-fat milk such as soy-milk or almond milk. Cherry shakes are great for muscle building also.

3. Honey and Walnut milkshakes

The fusion of honey and walnut blast the nutrition in your diet. As honey is a good substitute for sugar and walnut is full of fiber. You can add a scoop of protein powder milkshake making it more effective in losing weight. It can also be made in low-fat milk such as soy-milk and almond milk mentioned above.

4. Chocolate Milkshakes

Yes! Chocolate milkshakes can also help you in reducing weight. But It is important to note that only dark chocolate should be used in the milkshakes instead of regular chocolates which are full of sugar. Dark chocolates are a great substitute in reducing weight.

Please note that the milkshakes mentioned above are not the advice of any medical consultant. The article is based on research, studies and experiences of the people that can help in reducing weight.


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