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Our Kidneys

I will cover some handy tips for keeping your kidneys healthy in this article as kidneys play a very vital role in our body. They are responsible for the crucial function needed by our body including the filtration of waste material excluding them as urine. They also filter the blood before sending it back to the heart. Kidneys are also responsible for absorbing and filtering out the vital minerals needed for our body. That’s why it’s very important to take care of our kidneys especially for the people who have experienced kidney stones in the past.

So Here are some important tips you should practice regularly to make your kidney healthy and fresh throughout the whole day.

Tips for keeping your kidneys healthy

1. Keep yourself hydrated all day especially when the day is warm and sunny. Because our body continuously sweats in the hot weather which can result in dehydration. According to the Harvard Medical School, standard 8 cups of urine should be passed in a day which roughly 2 liters. Which means that at least 3 liters of waters should be intake regularly.

2. Drink up to 1 or 2 standard glass of water empty stomach daily in the morning. It refreshes the kidney after hours of sleep.

3. Eat healthy but less fat food which regulates the blood pressure.

4. Avoid eating more chocolates. As it is not good for kidneys especially for kidney stones patients

5. Avoid eating green vegetables such as Spanish and peas, you should also avoid eating rice. These are not good for the kidney stone patients especially

6. Avoid drinking a lot of cold drinks and energy drinks. These are the number one source of a sodium kidney stone in a body if they are taken excessively.


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