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Born: Rise Of A New Sun

Life, in my opinion, is a journey and we are travelers, we start our journey right after we are born. The new sun is rise like on a new day. This sun is not just the rise of himself only but it is also a sunrise of his parents. They see themselves in him.

Who can forget the feeling of being a father or mother for the very first time in life? Of course, no one can forget that day. Because that feeling is supernatural, even a man of the stone heart can’t forget that day, even the worst of worst person can’t forget that day. Because no one can deny the immense feelings of this kind of connection between a father and child, between a mother and child.

People often say that usually for a bad person to his wife that when he will be a father, all the things will settle down, he will be completely changed. Well, I can’t deny this fact that it is true, not necessarily in all cases but there are greater chances that a bad person can turn into a good person after the birth of his child.

Being A Mother For A Very First Time

For a mother especially when a girl who has lots of dreams and hope for her future married life. Tons of hopes for a loving and caring life partner who will face all the difficulties of life with her, who will face all the challenges, ups and downs of life with her. It is a very special and aesthetic feeling of that girl which turned into a woman and a mother for the very first time.

She nourishes kept her baby for the last 9 months in her belly, takes care of her baby. she spends endless nights awake in pain for a baby, how her connection can’t be so much strong, how that bond can’t be so much strong. I think the bond of a mother and her child is not made to be broken. Because it can’t be broken. It is nature’s bond and nature is in no one’s control.

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With the birth of a very first child, both the parents went to a new direction in their life. Now they have a solid purpose to live. They constantly plan for their child before or after the birth of their very first child.

They plan for education, plan for their marriages,  plan to give them all the things which they thought they should give them or they haven’t had in their life. Try to make their children live more beautiful than their lives in their childhood.

I will conclude this short piece of writing with a title Born: Rise Of A New Sun with this line…

“With a rise of a new sun, sunset of an old sunrise (parents) starts.”

Wahas Ali Mughal

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