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You would be curious to know about what does actually modern-day breakup means? well, a modern-day breakup is just a current phenomenon which means that you are in a relationship with someone, dating someone, investing your emotions in someone, doing your best to someone and ended up in a breakup before getting things mature enough to get married. Have you ever had a breakup? if yes then you will understand the top 5 reasons for modern-day breakups.

1. Physical attraction

Physical attraction is one of the top 5 reasons for modern-day breakups and having relationships ended up in a separation at nowhere. We, humans, are naturally very obsessed with the physical being of a person. If a person is good looking and handsome we as a human definitely will get attracted to him/her. Here we make a very big mistake because we forget the famous dialogue from Men in Black – International that “physical attraction is not more than just a chemical reaction in our brain, we can’t trust them, they are not real”.

2. Unsure

Most of the relationships end up due to this reason “Being Unsure”. “I’m not sure about you”. This is because either the relationship is forced by any one of the partners and the other partner just engaged in a relationship without having time to think. His or her heart is not on the same line for the person. It simply means that the person feels no lovable emotions for a person which qualifies him or her for that special place in the heart. Also, there might be some gaps in the relationship which are giving the feeling of unsure between the partners.

3. Communication Gaps

Communication is a key factor in any relationship. It is only mandatory between the partners to have productive communication between them. One of the top reasons behind modern daybreak is lack of communication. Couples don’t communicate with each other with honesty and sincerity. Due to this, a lot of misunderstandings are created because of self-assumption and not asking the actual reasoning with the partner. Communication plays a very vital role to get the emotions and thinking attached to each other. It is just like water for a plant to survive. Otherwise, the plant will become dead just like the relationships end up in breakups and separations.

4. Ego Problem

Ego eats a relationship like a snake eats the rat. When a guy ignores her girlfriend for 2 days. It becomes really obvious that the guy will be ignored for at least 5 to 6 days by his girlfriend, all this makes the relationship more poisonous and distant. One of the main drawbacks of egoism is that it creates a communication gap between the two partners. Due to ego partners don’t accept their mistakes and blame each other for the faults in their relationship. Ego can be one of the reasons which can turn a partner from a lover to an enemy. So be aware and let the ego go couples!

5. Interested In Someone Else

“I don’t deserve you, you deserve someone far better than me, I’m not good for you, think about this”. This is the most prominent sign that unfortunately, the person has lost his or her partner and He or She is interested in someone else. A lot of reasons can be behind this whether a  partner was not loyal and sincere from the very beginning and killing your precious time or suddenly he or she has changed the mind by seeing better opportunities in someone else. Whatever can be the reason but one thing is for sure that he or she is not loyal to you and disloyalty is sin and cheating in a relationship.


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