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Big news recently came out this week when Apple introduced its new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro in Apple’s September 10th event at the Steve Job Theater. This event not only introduced Apple iPhone 11 and 11 pro but also introduces some of their other brands in the market given below

  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple TV+
  • Introducing the all-new iPad
  • Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

Apple will start shipping the all-new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro from September 20th. Pre-ordering the iPhone 11 and 11 pro has been started from 13th September 1 PM UK local time.

But we will stick to the new iPhone 11 only in this review. iPhone 11 has tons of interesting features and remarkable innovative features, So let’s get started.

Design and Colors

iphone 11 available colors

iPhone 11 available colors

According to the official launch of the iPhone 11, the new iPhone 11 has an anodized aluminum glass design which makes it the strongest and toughest mobile phone ever. The glass that rounds the camera is scope to 3D geometry. A single piece of glass was used to melt down the 3D design of the camera.  iPhone 11 comes in 6 colors white, purple, yellow, green, black and protic red.

iPhone 11 has a 6.1″ liquid retina display. It has 4 display options such as true tone display, wide color gamut, tap to wake, haptic touch. In most cases, there are contextual menus according to Apple. Videos are great to watch, it feels like a theater as a special audio feature is introduced which creates a sound around the user giving a wonderful theater experience using an Apple-designed visualizer. It also supports Dolby Atmos for the more enhanced sound experience.


iPhone 11 Dual Camera

iPhone 11 Dual Camera

iPhone 11 comes with the dual camera as follows

Wide Camera

iPhone 11 has two types of cameras, the upper camera is  wide-angle camera of 12 Mega Pixels and 100% focus pixels means that it can autofocus 3 times faster in low light.

iPhone wide camera

iPhone wide camera

Ultra-Wide Camera 

The lower camera is called an ultra wide-angle camera of 12 Mega Pixels and 120-degree field view which means that it can capture more details without moving further backward to capture all the details. It is best for tight spaces where you can’t create more room but you can capture more details with this ultra-wide camera.

iPhone ultra wide camera

iPhone ultra-wide camera

Portray Mode

iPhone 11 Portray Mode

iPhone 11 Portray Mode

With portray mode a user can capture the photo with a wide-angle camera which feels like a portray and landscape mixture with more details on it. Due to dual-camera, a user can also capture the photo with scopic depth. Which means that the photos can be taken from the bottom scale.

Night Mode

iPhone 11 Night Mode

iPhone 11 Night Mode

Night mode also is introduced in iPhone 11 which is best suitable in the low light places and the dimly light places like restaurants. Night mode will be automatically turned on and make the photos brighter and reduce noises.


The most interesting thing Apple said about the all-new iPhone 11 is they have done a stunning innovation in capturing videos. They introduce 4 different types of video modes. 4k videos at 60 fps, Slo-mo, Time-Lapse, Cinematic video stabilization and extended dynamic range across both the camera. Apple claims that iPhone 11 has the highest video quality ever in a smartphone.

The frontend camera is also innovated in the new iPhone 11, it has a 12 MP TrueDepth Camera with an extended dynamic range from 30 fps to 60 fps. Apple also introduced the first-ever slow-motion video mode for the front camera, they called it slo-mo and the videos record through it, they called it Slofies, Apple is very much excited about its feedback.


Regarding the performance, Apple introduces its all-new generation A13 Bionic industry-leading processor chip in the all-new iPhone 11. Apple showcases a famous quote about the previous gen A12 Bionic chip as follows in the event.

The A12 is so far ahead of the industry, that it will still be competitive with the best android smartphones in two years.

Ben Thompson, Stratechery

American Tech Analyst

Apple also claims that its next-gen A13 chip in the all-new iPhone 11 is the most powerful CPU ever in a smartphone. They also claim that iPhone 11 is the most fastest GPU ever in a smartphone for graphics.

Pascal Wagers on iPhone 11

Pascal Wagers on iPhone 11

For the ultimate gaming experience with the 60 fps speed, iPhone 11 partnered with the renowned game developing company of China Giant Network, which launches the global title called “Pascal Wagers” under the belt of Apple on the all-new iPhone 11. The founder of the Giant Network Company Yang Yang claims that the smooth performance of their global title is because of the A13 Bionic chip which supports 60 fps.


In iPhone 11, it has the longest battery life ever in any iPhone ever. According to Apple, it has 1 hour more battery life than the previous iPhone XR.

Other Features

Some of the other features were rapidly named in the event regarding the iPhone 11.

  • The first feature was named is the fastest Face ID, yes iPhone 11 has the fastest Face ID
  • The second feature which was named is the iPhone 11 water and dust resistance. Apple claims that all new iPhone 11 is 2-millimeter water resistant for 30 minutes as well as dust resistant. 
  • The third feature which was named is the all-new wifi technology Wifi 6 in iPhone 11

Price Tag

In Apple’s event. it was said that Apple wants everyone to experience the ultimate innovation coming with the all-new iPhone 11. For this reason, the iPhone 11 will be available from $699 in stores. 

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Apple iPhone 11

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