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Today I will talk about a well-known web-hosting company. You must’ve heard of the Inmotion web hosting company. They are one of the leading web hosting companies since 2001. Around 300,000 domains are registered in their database. Inmotion hosting distinguished themselves from the other web hosting services as it is one of the big web hosting companies not owned by Endurance International. Let’s jump on to the Inmotion Hosting Review.

Pros of Inmotion Hosting

It has unique pros which make it a super fine destination for hosting your websites.

Money-back guarantee

I see Inmotion web hosting very confident in the services they are providing as other companies give an average 30 day guarantee but they have gone beyond the limit to gain the customers’ trust.

Average Uptime

I personally like the uptime of this company as they are getting more reliable on it. It is around 99.95% up till now however still not good enough to rank it in the top 20s.

Inmotion Customer Support

Their data centers are located in Virginia Beach and Los Angeles. You will never be disappointed with their customer service support as they can resolve every matter without any hassle. You can contact them anytime on their email:

Server Speed

I admire their server speed which gives the average loading time of around 855ms. Which is 4% better than its competitors (890ms)

Free data backups

The other hosting companies take extra charges for this service. But thanks to Inmotion Hosting, they offer reliable and regular back up for their customers. They also offer cPanel control panel.

Cons of Inmotion Hosting

The Inmotion hosting is among the top hosting services. Despite that fact, it still has some weaknessesneedh needs to be discussed.


As you can clearly observe, their packages are more expensive than other hosting services .The basic package there for WordPress hosting starts from $5.99. However, it won’t discourage you to buy their services again as they pay quite good value.

Pricing Structure

Inmotion Hosting Plans can make a beginner a little bit worried about the pricing structure as it offers subscription for a full year and you will get discount in hosting for just 2 years.

Hosting Limitation

Despite being one of the most versatile and dynamic hosting service, Inmotion has some database limitation. It offers hosting for websites that are under 10GB. It won’t provide back up for the websites exceeding this value.

Recent Down graph

The company started well in the beginning and it was a very fine choice for the website owners. But things didn’t go well for too long. But I think, they have dragged themselves a bit down in the hosting companies’ rankings because of degradation in server speed and average uptime.

Verification Process

The verification process for the sign up is NOT quick. The person needs to verify its identity by his/her phone number, or maybe sometimes by ID card. This may sounds good for the security perspective but it might be an overall long process for the sign up.

Inmotion Hosting Review – Bottomline

In my opinion, they started out well. But in recent times, their Server speed and Price factors have dragged them down a bit.

We hope that you liked Inmotion Hosting Review. Although it is still a worthy service to try out. The Inmotion VPS Reseller Hosting are still on the top with no competitors near it.

9.0 Awesome
  • Server Speed 9.5
  • Uptime 9.5
  • Support 10
  • Price 7
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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