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The world of surveillance and photography, in general, was revolutionized with the advent of drones. What was once considered physically impossible is now the daily routine of many engineers and real estate dealers. Join us as we find out the importance of drone application.

Drone Photography in Construction and Civil Engineering

Drones are a game-changer in engineering in general. Whenever construction is sought to begin in a specific area, a complete survey and analysis of its parameters are done such as terrain and conditions. A drone is quite convenient in this application as it can scout the area a lot faster than any person or personnel can.

Furthermore, they can keep track of the progress and timeline of the construction of a project in real-time so one can compare the results with the initial design. A lot of real estate dealers keep track of the construction of their projects through drones.

Drone Application in Surveying

Surveying has also become quite simpler with drones. Surveying in engineering basically means to take measurements of an area or surface on a large scale to yield the topography, leveling, and infrastructure, etc. Almost every project in civil engineering begins with surveying.

The procedure often used extensively for measuring the contours and topography of a surface was using an auto-level or a total station. These are measuring devices that display or calculate the height of the ground so one finds the difference between corresponding heights and then shape the terrain. This method had room for plenty of human errors and was very tedious. It required plenty of manpower as well. However, this is proven obsolete by a drone. A drone simply hovers over the designated area and projects lasers at the ground from a birds-eye view. The distance of the laser determines the height of the ground from the datum. The drone moves around to capture the complete contour of the area and voila. A contour map created in half the time..0.00.

Another responsibility that an engineer is often tasked with is to manage and lead a team of workers in the field. This is quite difficult on a large scale as an engineer has multiple responsibilities and cannot keep track of all the occurrences and events of the project. This is where drone surveillance shines. A drone with video surveillance can dash to any area and position itself like a movable surveillance camera. It can keep track of all of the progress and send it instantaneously via live streaming.

Drone Application in Real Estate

Drones are a very useful companion to a real estate dealer. Using drone for aerial photography can help keep the dealer track of all of the area in a matter of minutes simply.

Drones are also widely used for advertising houses and infrastructure to be sold. They have the ability to capture photos from a three-dimensional isometric view which covers a lot more detail than any other position. Drones also describe the exact size and proportions of the building with respect to its surroundings.

Drone Photography in Constructing Cell towers

Drones can be used when constructing small infrastructure and houses, but their application and use shines when constructing extremely tall skyscrapers and cell towers. A drone can hover to any height and capture visuals of the desired area. They can also be programmed to do small tasks such as carry tools and accessories in a quick manner. This is very convenient when Dave doing his job needs to be informed of the new developments at a 100 feet above the ground.

Drone Application in Social Gatherings

social gathering, drone photography
Drone photography in social gatherings

A very fancy and new attraction in big social gatherings such as weddings and ceremonies has now become drone photography. Drones are themselves a big appeal and they remove the premise of a cameraman having to go from place to place. Drones quietly and smoothly hover over the air and can complete their tasks with more elegance and efficiency than the conventional way.


To summarize, drones are a valuable asset and a definite edge to have whether you are an engineer, or a construction company, or just a photographer in general. Drones defy the physical limitations of the norm and provide a safe, efficient and innovative way to keep track of all your projects.

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