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Have you heard of the word “Amphibians”? They are the tetrapod (Four-legged) vertebrates that are cold-blooded. You can think of it as simply the animal whose blood temperature is the same as its surroundings. But how big are they? Recently, scientists have identified a salamander as the World’s biggest Amphibian in the London Museum.

giant salamander

Unfortunately, scientists misidentified these species until now for around 70 years. Now is the time when the world recognized them as the world’s biggest amphibian known till now. Found mainly in South China, this giant salamander of size around 2 meters (Around 6.56 ft.) is getting extinct in the World. It is one of the critically extinct species. This salamander was in ZSL Zoo of London from where its specimen was present. It later moved to the National History Museum of London.

Previously, researchers had thought the three species of the Chinese Salamanders were the same, but now they have reached to the conclusion that they are three different species. Their major cause of extinction is because Chinese people use it as a luxury food. Among the three species, this South Chinese Salamander is the largest.

According to Professor Turvey (Member of Zoological Society of London) who sees the extinct species critically, it is an alarming situation of the wild species getting extinct and he termed this as “catastrophic”. He says that urgent and definite measures must be taken if we are sincere in preserving and protecting any remaining salamanders if there are any. According to him, if the conservation plans for the extinct species, we might lose the remaining too sooner than we think.

What is Chinese Salamander?

China once had a big population of these Salamanders in its Eastern, Central and Southern parts. Due to the establishment of big food industries, the supply of luxury items was easy. Also, people started using them for medicinal purposes too. As with the flow of time, the exploration era proceeded. The over-exploitation of the resources made these salamanders extinct and now very few numbers of them are left. Now they are found only in 4 of the 97 sites of China.

Scientists have identified them finally as the biggest of the known amphibians around 8000 finally. It took 17 different samples of the specimen from different museums for the researchers to reach this definite conclusion. The experts took different DNA samples and the deserving Salamanders finally got their top place in the list of biggest amphibians.


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